Commonsense [adjective]

Definition of Commonsense:

sensible, matter-of-fact

Synonyms of Commonsense:

Opposite/Antonyms of Commonsense:

Sentence/Example of Commonsense:

Half the army was in hospital from want of proper nourishment and commonsense sanitation.

Grant's a rugged sort of commonsense chap—hates show and fuss.

It is not sound science, it is not good philosophy, it is not even commonsense.

Statistics don't impress me as they do some people, and I would far rather rely upon your commonsense than upon any figures.

Pin him down to the one fact which your own commonsense teaches you, that the wealth of the country is unequally distributed.

Who would have believed that all your shrewd commonsense would collapse like this!

He shook from head to foot with temper; doubtless, too, with the scandalous outrage to commonsense.

Here is a little commonsense advice given by a physician who is also a great scientist.

Geoffroy could not accept this commonsense view of the matter, but made a fight for his transcendental theories.

A person of commonsense; not a silly, affected creature made in man's image—like Agnes.