Commotions [noun]

Definition of Commotions:

clamor, uproar

Opposite/Antonyms of Commotions:

Sentence/Example of Commotions:

A friend’s Facebook Live broadcast of the commotion shows a gaggle of guests behind her as Hunter shouts, “Let me go!”

There should be a lot of commotion, but hopefully it goes smooth.

Inside the building, poll workers were doing their best to tune out the commotion.

He wasn’t sure whether he’d hit the coyote, or even what the commotion was about.

Yesterday morning, as I was wrapping up the newsletter, I got a bit distracted by some commotion on the street.

Some who heard the commotion claimed to have thought it was a drunken brawl or a lovers’ quarrel.

At this moment an extraordinary commotion began among the watches.

The embryo can be located by the commotion which its active motion produces among the corpuscles.

Then such a din and commotion you never heard nor saw, even on the glorious Fourth of July.

Incessant bugle-calls from the natives added to the commotion, and thousands of Chinese crowded into the Chinese Consulate.