Communal [adjective]

Definition of Communal:

collective; shared

Synonyms of Communal:

Opposite/Antonyms of Communal:

Sentence/Example of Communal:

You might catch baby rats mischievously battling to figure out how to fight, or Komodo dragons sticking their heads into buckets to learn about communal feeding.

The large chains have introduced apps that turn your smartphone into a remote control to avoid touching communal buttons or screens.

This same complex communal response helped fuel the riots in Kenosha last week.

Food items for lunch and dinner are available from points on each floor at specified times and communal areas are cleaned every 15 minutes.

So, first I’d have a talk with the renter and point out that – in a communal environment, especially in times of a public health crisis – everyone’s actions affect everyone else.

One important characteristic of the communal animals is that they become mentally specialized.

The hive bee, the most communal in habit, shows the highest traits of intelligent activity.

The social animals differ from the communal in that the individuality of the members is fully preserved.

The result of such a process of evolution in the case of the communal animals is a strict specialism.

While only in minor traits communal, they are eminently social, and have doubtless derived great advantage from this.