Commune [noun]

Definition of Commune:

group living together

Synonyms of Commune:

Opposite/Antonyms of Commune:


Sentence/Example of Commune:

Dearie acknowledged the toll the coronavirus pandemic has taken on panda lovers in the Washington region, who are unable to commune in person with the animals.

After graduation Magness moved into a running commune of sorts with a few friends in Los Angeles.

La harangue devoit finir en l'adieu et comploration commune de tous.

He also instituted primary schools in every commune, and started an cole Normale for the training of teachers.

Have you come to commune once more with the sweet gentle spirit before it passes away?

The head of a commune is the Administrator, and the corporation is known as the Municipal Chamber.

When the bell of the belfry shall sound to assemble the Commune, anyone who does not attend shall pay a fine of twelve sous.

One of these councilmen shall be elected Mayor by the suffrage of all those who shall have taken the oath of the Commune.

If any dare do so, he shall be deemed a violator of the Commune, and justice shall be enforced upon his person and his property.

The men of the Commune shall be free to grind their corn, and bake their bread wherever they please.