Communicated [verb]

Definition of Communicated:

give or exchange information, ideas

Opposite/Antonyms of Communicated:

Sentence/Example of Communicated:

The sensation she had communicated to him then she communicated again, this time perhaps more strongly.

In pursuance of his generous resolution, he communicated his designs to Allcraft.

Every one had read or heard something exceedingly horrible, which he duly communicated to all the rest.

He commenced to experiment in electro-pneumatics in the year 1860, and early in 1861 communicated his discoveries to Mr. Barker.

By these means the infection was carried to the cows, and from the cows it was communicated to Smith.

It was communicated, as in the preceding instance, by an infected cow purchased at a fair in the neighbourhood.

The chain communicated with a powerful crane rigged up on the foremast, and was wrought by a steam windlass on deck.

And now that evil spirit of abandonment came to Rita—communicated to her, possibly, by her companion.

He roused himself, however, and promptly communicated by writing with Shrewsbury and Orford.

The page boy entered the strangers' room and communicated to Mr. Charmington the fact that the great man was busy.