Communicates [verb]

Definition of Communicates:

give or exchange information, ideas

Opposite/Antonyms of Communicates:

Sentence/Example of Communicates:

And now, monsieur, if you will communicate to me the nature of your affair, you shall find me entirely at your service.

Terror and fascination caught him; he turned away lest she should reach his secret and communicate her own.

Tredwell enters, and seems to have something of importance to communicate to Sir Rupert in private.

The channel lies between two sandbanks, which communicate with either shore.

The vicar never presumed to enter his wife's room without knocking; he evidently had something to communicate.

If it is your pleasant task to communicate a joyful event, make your letter cheerful and gay.

These are chambers excavated in the tufa on either side of the galleries, with which they communicate by doors, as seen in Fig. 4.

I propose to communicate to the public such portions of these revelations as have seemed to me most interesting.

My dear friend, I learn that you have asked Malassis to communicate to you what you wrote to me on the subject of the "Flowers."

But I must add at the same time that I was equally sensible of the obliging frankness with which you communicate your objections.