Communications [noun]

Definition of Communications:

systems of information exchange

Synonyms of Communications:

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Sentence/Example of Communications:

Already, his group’s code is used for the majority of the communication on Google’s Chrome browser.

McGlone has some of those email communications from February and March in hand now.

One city has acknowledged that it deleted its earliest communications about the virus — even after we’d requested them.

As exorbitant as international calls still were, the promise of smoother communication made it worthwhile.

For example, the option to analyze all transcripts, calls, and keywords in real-time can help you improve your communication and use the learnings to form your next campaigns, website changes, or even content planning.

The coronavirus pandemic and subsequent shutdowns cut into in-person bonding to gel the new additions with core returners, but with everybody in Houston isolating before training could continue, communications continued over Zoom.

It became even more important to work with email, chatbots, maintain communication with other advertising channels.

Among those 36, the closest neighbor would probably be about 17,000 light-years away, “making communication or even detection of these systems nearly impossible with present technology,” Westby and Conselice write.

It can help you track and maintain communication with your clients.

Post agrees that constant communication is vital to making sure all students can access their lessons and feel supported.