Communing [verb]

Definition of Communing:

communicate, experience with another

Synonyms of Communing:

Opposite/Antonyms of Communing:

Sentence/Example of Communing:

"Florimond was ever an indifferent swordsman," murmured Marius dreamily, as if communing with himself.

I feel convinced that this constant communing aloud with my dog saved my reason.

They were seated on the bed in Marys little room, with their arms around each other, communing in low and gentle tones.

The Sphinx of Mrs. Pagnell had been communing with himself unwontedly during the recent weeks.

When it reached him he retired from those around him, and remained for some time communing with his own heart and memory.

Long her steadfast gaze was fixed on the blue sky, as if communing with the departed kings from whom she descended.

The unusual spectacle stirred Power out of his mournful self-communing.

Mounting his horse, the unhappy man spurred back to St. Dizier, and closeted himself in silent communing with his maps.

Mr. Crosse stood, nodding his head in the moonlight, and communing aloud with himself.

Each seemed to be communing with himself or herself, but it was easy to see what were the thoughts occupying the minds of all.