Communities [noun]

Definition of Communities:

society, area of people

Synonyms of Communities:

Opposite/Antonyms of Communities:

Sentence/Example of Communities:

The scene and field of that learning hitherto has been, in our Western communities, the University.

In our western communities the dangers to the intellectual nexus lie rather on the other side.

Various communities may be confederated together in one solemn Covenant with God.

The laws of the Church of God remain immutable, amid the changes that overtake the various communities of men.

The repetition of her festival may possibly point to separate celebrations of the communities of Palatine and Quirinal.

The different communities of the Church should not stand in intrenchments inaccessible to each other.

In the small communities it has never existed in my time, although they used to dance a good deal before cards turned their heads.

Until this card fever descended upon the town, it was generally regarded as occupying a high place among communities of its size.

The political organization of these primitive communities of herders and farmers was of the simplest.

It was the case with the agricultural communities of the southern United States, whose Mico was at once high priest and autocrat.