Commutation [noun]

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Mr. Shiel said that the preamble already set forth that the bill was to effect a commutation.

Commutation, he argued, would do no good; a new appropriation of church property alone could produce even a momentary calm.

The commutation of tithes in England was a subject still more complicated and difficult.

Often was death demanded as a commutation of this ignominious punishment, but refused with a malignant joy.

If no reprieve could be obtained, no commutation of the sentence, he would speak out and set Andrew Westwood free.

The commutation of pensions was an experiment of the most benevolent intention.

Yet the Deputy Sheriff was very angry at the Governor for granting the commutation!

It would be obviously unjust to compare a one-way fare with either excursion or commutation rates.

That contribution is simply—the commutation of time of imprisonment for quantity of labour to be performed.

His death was, for himself no less than for his Hebrew disciples, a commutation for the Mosaic ordinances.