Commuters [noun]

Definition of Commuters:

daily traveler, usually for work

Synonyms of Commuters:

Opposite/Antonyms of Commuters:


Sentence/Example of Commuters:

If the 5:37 should ever be stricken from the time-card the Commuter would feel as if the light had been extinguished.

The Commuter finds his way up a steep road to his home on the hillside, his very own home.

The Pennsylvania built the new station for through travel rather than for the Commuter, at the outset.

The Illinois Central has been very progressive in its methods of handling the Commuter traffic.

The club car is one of the most elaborate developments of the entire Commuter idea.

The first of these began years ago, when the Oldest Commuter began his habit of riding to and from town in the baggage-car.

His daily trip, with all incidental expenses, aggregates more than $12.00; so he deserves to rank as the Champion Commuter.

The baggageman was good-natured, for the Oldest Commuter was a generous fellow and never forgot Christmas-times and the like.

It is an all-parlor-car train, the most luxurious suburban on the line, yet not one Commuter in a thousand knows a thing about it.

It makes train and Commuter both its concern, because that is the way it seeks to build up its profitable suburban traffic.