Commuting [verb]

Definition of Commuting:

travel to work

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Sentence/Example of Commuting:

In 1838 an Act was passed commuting the tithes into a rent-charge payable not by the occupiers but the landlords.

Among their other duties, they had the power of commuting each ratepayer's statute-labor for five years.

I suppose that I am commuting a felony, but it is just possible that I am saving a soul.

About the 7th century arose a custom of commuting or relaxing these imposed satisfactions.

Two people once spent years looking for a place within easy commuting distance of Philadelphia.

Immediately afterwards the Decree commuting the sentence to exile for life was read.

A sentence of death was to be recorded on this plea, but a Decree should be signed commuting the sentence to exile from Egypt.

It passed an Irish poor law and a measure commuting tithes in Ireland into a rent charge.

In 1497 we have a deed, issued October 24th, commuting the tax levied upon the painters grant of land.

Suddenly, as the order was about to be given, word arrived from the emperor commuting the death-sentence to exile to Siberia.