Compact [adjective]

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Sometimes dumb-bells, compact sheaves of fine needles, and irregular rhizome forms are seen (Fig. 40).

It is of an exceedingly hard, densely compact nature; from its hardness difficult to work, but susceptible of a very high polish.

A covenant is a mutual voluntary compact between two parties on given terms or conditions.

In length there was no alteration, but the design seems more condensed, more compact, yet slightly wider in the opening.

Veins of an inch or an inch and a half extracted from compact rock seldom have these intersections.

There was no American plenipotentiary empowered to make any political compact with the Islanders.

Congress met, and during the debate on the momentous question—peace or war—the hitherto compact group of intransigents weakened.

It should be packed loosely or compact, according as the hands are moist or dry.

Indistinct specimens, apparently consisting of decomposed compact felspar.

Fragment, apparently from a columnar mass, of a stone intermediate between clink-stone and compact felspar.