Compacted [verb]

Definition of Compacted:

make condensed

Synonyms of Compacted:

Opposite/Antonyms of Compacted:

Sentence/Example of Compacted:

They say that boats (of reeds) are woven,502 which, when besmeared with asphaltus, are firmly compacted.

Before June tenth he had compacted in and about Vienna an army of two hundred and forty thousand men.

He claimed afterward that he had compacted a sort of speech into a single German sentence of eighteen words.

During the previous night long consultations had been held, and the French divisions to the south had been slightly compacted.

It is so compacted as to receive the heat best, and because it should mitigate the coldness of the brain.

The outer moulding of the central circle is composed of closely compacted trefoils, that of the others has the wave ornament.

It would not do to allow the enemy to see, over the crest of the hill, our compacted troops at the head of the bridge.

Cryptonemiace—Frond more or less cartilaginous, composed of numerous jointed threads compacted by gelatine.

In the narrow habitable belt were compacted the teeming millions of earth's peoples.

There is no reason to doubt, therefore, that shale is merely compacted silt and mud—the sediment deposited by water.