Companies [noun]

Definition of Companies:

crowd of people

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Sentence/Example of Companies:

In 1622 a monopoly of the importation of tobacco was granted to the Virginia and Somers Island, companies.

In the beginning it only embraced nine companies, and six people were enough to do its work.

Eighteen hundred and fifty-one was a period of anxiety to the Midland and to railway companies generally.

Railway expectations ran high; immense traffic receipts, sorely needed, ought to have swelled the coffers of the companies.

Since then the whole of the trade of transit by rail has been conducted by the companies owning the lines.

Other through carriages on these trains were jointly owned by the two companies.

Scotland has eight working railway companies, England and Wales 104, and Ireland 28.

Those were the days when between the Scottish railway companies the keenest rivalry and the bitterest competition existed.

Immediately after the passing of the Act of 1888 the railway companies vigorously attacked the work imposed upon them.

No similar work had yet been done in Ireland, and it was altogether new to the Irish companies.