Companionship [noun]

Definition of Companionship:

friendship, accompaniment

Synonyms of Companionship:

Opposite/Antonyms of Companionship:

Sentence/Example of Companionship:

As if unwilling to trust himself longer in dangerous companionship, he went up to town with Thomas Carr.

Society likes their genial companionship, and they are favourites with, and favoured alike by young and old.

Who has not felt the comfort and companionship of a faithful dog at night, and on a lonely road.

This beauty… without her beside him, without her to share the sweet companionship of the earth… was too much to bear.

Did he really possess her in a way that made earthly companionship unnecessary?

Disgusted with the frivolity of the living, she sought solace for her wounded feelings in companionship with the illustrious dead.

A horror of the companionship in which she found herself thereupon took possession of the girl.

She would be brave, if only to show herself worthy of the companionship and friendship of so brave a man.

I can live, and love, and be happy without science; but not without companionship whose bond is faith.

He was dog-tired, and when he saw the seated man through the lighted window a great longing for companionship came upon him.