Companionway [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Companionway:

The chinks were red with the outer glow, and a stream of mote-laden sunlight, aslant, came in at the companionway.

Dropping our knives and forks, we sprang up the companionway.

“I saw that figure come out of the companionway,” stated Jack.

Just as Ralph made a dive for the mast and the afterhatch beyond, the captain emerged from the companionway.

The noise of a crowd surging down the companionway and into the main cabin could be heard.

Pull in with your boat and secure the watch forward and I will shut the after hatches and companionway.

Then he picked up his bags and hurried along the port alley and disappeared down the companionway.

Then he turned away, shielded a match under the hood of the companionway, and touched off another cigarette.

In spite of his efforts to pretend obliviousness Mayo stared hard at the companionway, eager to look on the face of the girl.

At that instant the first mate came down a few steps of the forward companionway, entering through the coach-house door.