Comparable [adjective]

Definition of Comparable:

worthy of comparison

Synonyms of Comparable:

Opposite/Antonyms of Comparable:

Sentence/Example of Comparable:

In some places, the storm had sustained winds of about 160 kilometers per hour, comparable to the wind strength of a Category 3 hurricane.

To call my employees back to the office, a treatment would need to reduce the mortality rate to close to zero, a rate comparable to influenza.

Take the example of a female engineering manager who should actually be a director, because she has experience, team size, and a mandate that are comparable to those of other directors at her company.

In his testimony, Cook contended that Apple’s fees “are comparable or lower than commissions charged by the majority of our competitors.”

This work suggests that when we use pesticides on big animals, we can produce comparable changes.

While the approach learns slower than backpropagation-based methods, it achieves comparable performance.

Instead, what he said his team found was that the company’s virtual events costs were comparable to its offline ones.

Sims was so impressed, he looked at tracking data he had on blue sharks and ocean sunfish too, then wrote to colleagues and got comparable data describing leatherback turtles, penguins and tuna.

That allowed researchers to do a quick back-of-the-envelope calculation and affirm that the burst was comparable to extragalactic fast radio bursts.

It’s comparable to what Bob was saying about sanctions, where it’s typically not very successful and of course we observe that with Iraq.