Comparably [adverb]

Definition of Comparably:

in or by comparison

Synonyms of Comparably:

Opposite/Antonyms of Comparably:


Sentence/Example of Comparably:

With only a few, if any, comparable shows on CBS or ABC, the Peacock stood alone with a bevy of Blackness on its roster at the same time.

That’s pretty close, but there are also several examples of polling error comparable to this year.

Using eDNA metabarcoding, the team was able to identify a comparable number of species with more traditional methods of deep-sea sampling.

The number and severity of penalties were comparable to those of recent years, although the number of hospitals receiving the maximum penalty of 3% dropped from 56 to 39.

When pricing this way, you review the comparable sales and price higher than what similar homes have sold for recently.

Now Page was telling them that quantum gravity mattered under conditions that, in some cases, are comparable to those in your kitchen.

In its most recent quarter, Target’s comparable sales rose a record 24%, helped by the fulfillment options Cornell spoke of, which include curbside pickup of online orders and same-day delivery.

Saks has seen modest comparable sales increases since the summer, driven by its soaring online business.

That’s comparable to humans living in buildings a few kilometers high.

Salaries of federal employees are lower than those of private-sector workers in comparable positions by about 23 percent, although the gap has narrowed in recent years, an advisory council reported Wednesday.