Compared [adjective]

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It is ordinarily considered that the range of the speaking voice is very limited as compared with the singer's range.

What are a few paltry, lumps of crystallised carbon compared to a galaxy of a million million suns?

The Pentegot is a very beautiful river, and may be compared to the Garonne in France.

This is an expression which indicates the amount of hemoglobin in each red corpuscle compared with the normal amount.

It is interesting to note that some other articles of customary export showed large declines in 1915 as compared with 1914.

But that sin was of small importance compared to the other revelations, so darkly hinted at by Aunty Rosa.

The Specific Gravity is the relative weight of a body compared to an equal bulk of some other body taken as a standard.

How clumsy seemed my own excuses for coming at all, compared to his pleasure at finding her at home!

Then Perry Thomas blundered in, and compared to him, old Luther and his learned brother were endurable.

Many, however, learn trades, and frequently are to be compared to the most skilful Europeans.