Compares [verb]

Definition of Compares:

examine in contrast

Opposite/Antonyms of Compares:

Sentence/Example of Compares:

As well as investing, the platform allows customers to spend their cash via partnerships with impact-oriented compares, and offset their carbon footprint through a subscription.

Get rid of excess moisture and up the starch content for crispiness beyond compare.

Here he can inspect what he sees, say the reflection of the face of his mother or nurse, and compare it at once with the original.

Pentegot est une fort belle riviere, et peut 48 estre compare la Garonne de France.

A bull-fight is fearful enough, but it cannot compare with the struggle between a maddened buffalo and his pursuer.

In the Pedal department no reed or flue pipe can begin to compare with a Diaphone, either in attack or in volume of tone.

"And I can return the compliment," was my reply, as we all gathered round a brew of tea to exchange news and compare notes.

It is somewhat difficult to compare them with Havana cigars, as the flavor is essentially different.

More'n that, when I get my jell' done I'm going to send Mrs. Calvert a tumbler and compare notes.

If any one doubts it let him compare the matrimonial opportunities of the ugly maternal girl and the ugly clever girl.