Compartment [noun]

Definition of Compartment:

section, subdivision

Synonyms of Compartment:

Opposite/Antonyms of Compartment:


Sentence/Example of Compartment:

Delancy opened the glove compartment in the instrument board and took out a pair of field glasses.

One of the gunmen who crouched on the floor of the rear compartment cursed quietly and without interruption for nearly a minute.

Sure enough, a High-Pockets Jones was stepping out of the second compartment of the cabinet.

The ladies, the baby and the maid had a compartment of the sleeping car to themselves and journeyed comfortably enough.

He could take care of him when he got inside, got to that stubby .38 he had slipped into the glove compartment just in case.

He had dashed for an after-compartment to their storage place of tools, and returned with a blow-torch in his hand.

When we ventured into another compartment a German woman with her grandson tried to keep us out.

We loaded up our compartment with six bottles of strawberry selzer, as we were more thirsty than hungry.

In a small compartment of this chest young Warlow placed the jewels; then he paused awhile to look at the roll of parchments.

Herding the passengers ahead of them, Cragley's men entered a compartment shaped like a long tube, ending in a nose point.