Compassionately [adverb]

Definition of Compassionately:

with compassion

Opposite/Antonyms of Compassionately:

Sentence/Example of Compassionately:

Unmoved by their cries, she looked calmly and compassionately upon the populace, without gesture or reply.

This he managed to utter in gasps as the detective bent compassionately over him.

She was very sorry for him, and looked at him compassionately as he stood there twisting and waving his white hands.

"Poor child, poor little child," murmured the lady compassionately.

And now he stood erect and looked down at Ruth compassionately.

"I have been sent," answers the awful messenger; again he stops—looks compassionately at his destined victim.

But the more knowing ones shook their heads, smiled compassionately at our ignorance, and said, “Wait a bit!”

I fear, from what I have read, that the rich Lothians will have to be called compassionately the poor Lothians.

The little man shrugged his shoulders again, shook his head, and then looked compassionately at the boy.

Had they raised an empire, licked their oppressors well, they would have been compassionately loved.