Compatriot [noun]

Definition of Compatriot:

fellow countryman/countrywoman

Synonyms of Compatriot:

Opposite/Antonyms of Compatriot:


Sentence/Example of Compatriot:

Then he defended himself publicly against his former compatriots, who had criticized him as a “rogue” and a selfish coward.

He also admires Atlético Madrid’s Diego Simeone, another compatriot, for finding tactical balance.

Not only were a great number of the participants using their smartphones to document themselves and their compatriots as they launched the attack, but many of them in turn shared the footage on Parler.

Both mice and humans share a connectedness with their compatriots in emotional situations, he says, and research points to a shared evolutionary basis for empathy.

Police believe that once inside, other rioters opened another door or a few doors to let still more of their compatriots in.

Strange to say, with all his love for what belonged to and came from Poland, he kept compatriot musicians at a distance.

"Neighbor," in Gospel language, means a compatriot, a person belonging to the same nationality.

His compatriot, Le Fèbvre, had begun to give a few lessons as a dancing-master.

"Your cheerful compatriot is right," said Ethan, shaken suddenly out of his rôle as Nature's apologist.

A compatriot of his, Edmund Falconer, like himself an actor as well as an author, had opened the way for him.