Compatriots [noun]

Definition of Compatriots:

fellow countryman/countrywoman

Synonyms of Compatriots:

Opposite/Antonyms of Compatriots:


Sentence/Example of Compatriots:

Entrez donc, 'tis the work of one of your compatriots; and here, though a heretic, you may consider yourself on English ground.

Fordun, like his compatriots, colours his narrative deeply with the fanciful glow of Bruce's patriotism.

Walked the trenches where I chatted with the regimental officers and men, and found my compatriots in very good form.

It is to guard against this that so many of his compatriots tuck their napkins in at their necks.

I made this acknowledgment freely, but I knew that it would provoke comment from my compatriots.

The simple unexaggerated truth is that Chopin had always a predilection for, and felt more at home among, his compatriots.

Joshua Reynolds is certainly a great painter, and deserves the high veneration in which his compatriots hold him.

I can have no country that you may not share, no compatriots that are not yours also.

My hope is that all of my compatriots may enjoy the life and public liberties that are rightfully theirs.

They say—you'll excuse me, signorina—that when they quarrel, your compatriots don't show each other very much mercy.