Compelled [verb]

Definition of Compelled:

force to act

Synonyms of Compelled:

Opposite/Antonyms of Compelled:

Sentence/Example of Compelled:

County officials made moves in two separate lawsuits this week in which Voice of San Diego is seeking to compel them to release information under the California Records Act related to its handling of the public health crisis.

While officials have said they aren’t targeting the amount that Apple charges, the focus on the payment system could also compel Apple to offer alternative payments providers to developers.

The startling surge has compelled new efforts in some parts of the country to slow the rampant virus.

These new rules would, among other things, prevent self-preferential treatment and compel the largest technology companies to share data with competitors.

I am compelled to see people individually and to value their specific stories.

Selling suffrage as a democratic wartime measure during World War I provided the final momentum needed to compel just enough legislators to achieve ratification of the 19th Amendment by one vote.

While the earlier law required the sharing of mechanical data, the new proposal compels carmakers to include the sharing of telematics, driving, and diagnostics data, the kind that increasingly gets transmitted wirelessly from cars to automakers.

On Singles’ Day, discounts start at 50% off, and some sellers complain they are compelled to sell items at a loss just to be involved.

Fighting back also compels that advocates seize the teachable moment on court reform.

To do otherwise would be contrary to both our business interests and our mission, which compels us to make information accessible to every type of person, no matter where they live or what they believe.