Compelling [adjective]

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In terms of founder characteristics, in my opinion, the best founders will be mission driven, able to tell a compelling story, and motivate others to join them.

Joe Jackman, CEO of Jackman said that for leaders, the key to successful reinvention is being able to make a clear, compelling case for change.

What this means, at least in the abstract, is that marketers still might be able to reach or access the data of roughly 60% of iPhone owners if their opt-in pitches are compelling.

To imagine a world so compelling you don’t want to wake up—not until the dreamworld becomes reality.

That was a story that really caught our eye, so we went down to Kansas City to meet some of these women, and their stories were very, very compelling.

The most compelling on-court story in the NBA right now is whatever the heck is happening between Donovan Mitchell and Jamal Murray, each of whom apparently cannot be stopped.

In the end, though, worries about mosquito-borne diseases proved more compelling.

The kaleidoscopic styling made for compelling Instagram imagery, and Sikhounmuong said they sold 50 to 60 of the tie-dyed pieces on day one.

It’s a great time to rethink ad copy and realign landing pages with more focused, more compelling, and more relevant content.

Be sure these are compelling enough to inspire people to take action.