Compellingly [adverb]

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Sentence/Example of Compellingly:

And how infinitely sweet, how compellingly necessary now seemed to me this new, sweet world that swept around us now.

His sense of hearing will be struck compellingly by your device.

She made a start as if to rise, but he put out his hand in front of her, beseechingly or compellingly, and she sank down again.

He took her by the shoulders compellingly, held her at arm's length; and the angel who watched halted with pen in air, indecisive.

Need I look upon her coldly because she had become radiant, compellingly lovely?

He tapped again, and then a third time, twice in succession and more compellingly.

Her silence, that look, seemed in some subtle way to lay hold on whatever was best in the young man, compellingly.

So if you knock compellingly at the door of that mind to gain attention, you may arouse very unfavorable attention.

Montgomery looked at Gilmore, whose fierce insistent glance was bent compellingly on him.

His hunger was driving him too compellingly—only—only he wondered if Bill, too, were lost.