Compels [verb]

Definition of Compels:

force to act

Synonyms of Compels:

Opposite/Antonyms of Compels:

Sentence/Example of Compels:

And the Process or Method of study, if it be an Assimilating one, also compels this co-operation.

Now the practice of Interrogative Analysis compels such persons to interrogate—to propose questions—to think.

It compels the Intellect to stay with the senses and thereby it abolishes mind-wandering.

The length of several of the communications in our present Number compels us to postpone this week our Notes on Books, &c.

The Corn-law compels us to pay three times the value for a loaf of bread.

Certain objects produce in us the feeling of pain; therefore our nature compels us to hate them, and incites us to remove them.

The temperance, moreover, which it compels in those who cannot eat sea provisions, is very conducive to health.

It compels him to select definite images, and it urges him to use the common and the concrete.

Loath though I am to discredit so charming a story, duty compels me to state that it is wholly fictitious.

They have behaved as American gintlemen shud behave whin foorce iv circumstances compels thim to behave that way.