Compendiums [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Compendiums:

To help, FiveThirtyEight is compiling The Greatness Files, a compendium of, well, what makes great athletes great.

To learn everything about how to become a poll worker in your state, the EAC has a comprehensive compendium with all the details.

His compendium of Galen was the text-book of medicine in the West for many centuries.

A compendium would be the bread-fruit, within reach, and easily plucked.

The present work is not a compendium of astronomy or an outline course of popular reading in that science.

Below will be found a compendium of Virginia conventions, with the names of the delegates returned by Loudoun County.

This compendium, together with the Compendium of Metaphysics, was republished at Strassburg in 1722.

This admirable region is a compendium of the general physiognomy of England.

Originally a hunting-lodge of the Frankish kings; the Romans called it Compendium.

Tis a Compendium of our Proceedings and may save you the Trouble of reading them.