Compensated [verb]

Definition of Compensated:

make restitution

Synonyms of Compensated:

Opposite/Antonyms of Compensated:

Sentence/Example of Compensated:

Nor are these defects compensated by any high degree of merit in the delineation of the characters.

For the shortness of the sleeves he partly compensated with a pair of bright red worsted wristers.

The leaders of the little Panay army and their civilian colleagues had to be compensated for their acceptance of American rule.

If there were something rude and uncouth in old Schiller, it was amply compensated by his noble spirit.

The beauty of the scenery, however, compensated for this defect of the roads.

Good learning, integrity, and ability, are well compensated in all the professions.

Her loss of sight had been more than compensated by an extraordinary acuteness of mental vision.

Let us hope the caresses of his mother compensated him for this suffering.

But this delay was soon compensated by the rapid swell of the waters.

Its labor-power, diminished by the loss of three men, was more than compensated by the fear of the survivors.