Compensatory [adjective]

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Nor do I care for those compensatory honors that my position and family influence might have secured for me.

Since confederation it comes from compensatory subsidies, and the two last named sources.

Hence the agitation for compensatory clauses, enabling the tenant to safely invest all the capital he can procure in the soil.

One moral we have already deduced, in considering the circular or compensatory character of every human action.

Here however, (though this is not probable,) there may arise some compensatory cases of subscribers altogether new.

Its exaggeration of individuality is largely a compensatory reaction against the pressure of institutional rigidities.

And yet—our instinct for the compensatory view being irresistible—a pretty good old chap!

Self-sacrifice means a self-maiming which asks for compensatory pay in some later possession or indulgence.

Instead however of serving to organize and direct effort, it operates as a compensatory dream.

Is imagination diverted to fantasy and compensatory dreams, or does it add fertility to life?