Competences [noun]

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There is a clear need to increase an understanding of racial equity and cultural competence.

GPT-3 is certainly good at faking the semantic competence of humans, and it might not be an exaggeration to say that it has acquired its own form of semantic competence in the process.

At a time when government competence – or lack thereof – has never had a greater impact on our lives, it is critical that up and down the ballot we elect people with integrity and sound judgment.

A more diverse physician workforce is essential to enhancing the cultural competence of care that patients receive and improving access in under-resourced areas.

Nine-tenths of those who have a competence know what income they have, and are careful not to spend more.

He is a business man of great competence, and I think he ought to be able to do much to get things on to a ship-shape footing.

There are prairie farmers who would consider what he is leaving behind him a competence.

At the same time he began lending money on short time, and by speculating with the poorer class he acquired a certain competence.

Page 229 Chapter X a comma was inserted in the phrase 'he would secure the competence he had yearned for, for so many years'.

It cannot be said, either, that the classes in the enjoyment of a competence constitute a fair average of the community.