Competency [noun]

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It’s just that “tech” has moved from being an industry to being a competency… of pretty much any successful business today.

I am still surprised by how many organizations still don’t have a reskilling competency, and I’m hopeful this moment will change that.

To get ahead of that chilling trend, “organizations need to commit to reskilling as a competency,” said panelist Liz Hilton Segel of consulting firm McKinsey.

The opportunity is that, even if an e-commerce business is seen as a “tech” play, that is not often its core competency.

They then try to find a local provider who has experience dealing with trauma, is bilingual and has the cultural competency to work with immigrant families.

Until there is more cultural competency and understanding, this will be a challenge for us at the board, staff, and even our ridership.

“We are currently enhancing the de-escalation training in the areas of implicit and explicit bias and cultural competency,” wrote Steve Walker, a spokesman for the DA’s Office, in an email.

Even in the present inquiry there can be no reasonable doubt of their competency to give us testimony.

Hundreds of families were burned out, and reduced from opulence, or at least competency, to penury.

Still, taking our officers in the aggregate, we believe that they are far below the standard even of respectable competency.