Competitors [noun]

Definition of Competitors:

person willing to enter contest

Synonyms of Competitors:

Opposite/Antonyms of Competitors:

Sentence/Example of Competitors:

The only sales he made were of small articles his competitors had forgotten or neglected to stock.

Which of these two mighty competitors had the better case may perhaps be doubted.

Was Norman quite proof against the consciousness of daily excelling all his competitors?

There was, as may easily be supposed, no want of powerful and noble competitors for such a prize.

The whole Court was divided between the competitors, but divided very unequally.

Schwartzmann has tied me up for ready cash, and he represents the biggest competitors we have.

The competitors lined up, each on his separate mark, ready for the signal to start.

These foreign yacht races do not offer any inducements to our finer and larger craft, as few of the competitors are over 20 tons.

Of all the living authors, are there two so alike that they can be considered competitors or rivals?

He excelled all competitors in school and was generally rated the best right-handed pitcher in the metropolitan district.