Complacence [noun]

Definition of Complacence:


Opposite/Antonyms of Complacence:

Sentence/Example of Complacence:

That mix of fatigue and complacency, experts said, likely led more people to start moving about and gathering together by Labor Day.

There was a certain complacency in the social sciences or academic community, the think-tank community.

In our collective experience of illness, we oscillate between anxiety and a blend of complacency and fatigue.

Without condemning Krvaric before his retirement as party chair, San Diego Republicans have signaled their complacency with extremism within their ranks.

Seen in this light, infant mortality and the cruel wastage of disease were viewed with complacence.

If he has painted vice and shown Satan in all his pomp, it is without the least complacence in the task.

Where there is the shining of the face we know there is more than forgiveness; there is favour and complacence.

The greater the number of the too longs or the too shorts the greater his complacence in the contemplation of his labours.

You are not adjusting your life artistically; there is too much strain, too little warmth, too much self-complacence.

Her recent experiences with the Vances had wholly unfitted her to view her own state with complacence.