Complacency [noun]

Definition of Complacency:


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Sentence/Example of Complacency:

But with the immaculate conception of Mary, a being full of grace, an object of God's supreme complacency entered this world.

It hardly ruffled the calm stream of his self-complacency, and, for some reasons, he was rather glad that it had happened.

It fell, and you were made to look with complacency on objects which not long since you would have regarded with horror.

Then, in the givers and in their gifts, in the workers and in their work, the Divine heart finds infinite complacency.

Maitland regained his old self-complacency in time and was dreadfully mysterious and Maitlandish about the whole affair.

What a tremendous jar that would give Bland's exasperating complacency.

For Michael Garrod defiled the country by his cockney complacency, his attacks upon public schools, his unpleasant interrogations.

His complacency was less secure, so that there was more need for self-assertion.

A still more devastating revelation of experience in child raising was yet to plague our confidence and complacency.

Dick Tresilyan took the whole thing with remarkable coolness, not to say complacency.