Complainant [noun]

Definition of Complainant:

filer of court complaint

Synonyms of Complainant:

Opposite/Antonyms of Complainant:


Sentence/Example of Complainant:

This Second Ballad gives us Fortune's response to the defiance of the complainant.

I'll have the complainant here to-morrow, if it's a possible thing.

Anneslie, the knight, was the complainant and the challenger.

The problem was to establish the principle of irreparable injury to the complainant's property.

He here employs the very person against whom the complaint is made to imprison the complainant.

And the complainant shipper might then institute proceedings for repayment of the excessive charges under that particular rate.

The sleeves of the garments which were worn by the complainant were produced in court, saturated with blood.

In Massachusetts it has always been required that the complainant shall be first examined on his oath.

The reply was unexpected; Adriance looked towards the complainant's voice.

"Hi-le, hi-lo," sang Mr. Cassidy, as another stone soared aloft in the direction of the complainant.