Complained [verb]

Definition of Complained:

grumble about

Synonyms of Complained:

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Sentence/Example of Complained:

Reuters, which obtained the letter earlier, reports that the coalition is the largest ever to complain in concert to the EU’s competition division.

As in the spring, hospitals are complaining about shortages of personal protective equipment, such as gloves, masks and face shields.

Accompanying the complaint were 238 pages of affidavits from 107 poll watchers who complained of various issues during the counting of the ballots, particularly in Detroit.

He noticed that, several days before the election, about 25 of the publishers began to complain that Facebook had penalized them by reducing their traffic.

Google competitors in the online shopping business, meanwhile, complain the playing field is still tilted in the tech giant’s favor.

It’s a space for women to share what’s in their hearts and on their minds without feeling judged or shamed for complaining about motherhood.

At least 575 people complained Wednesday to the Arizona attorney general, prompting the office to write to the Maricopa County Elections Department for more information.

The volunteer grew frustrated, complaining that he wasn’t being allowed inside.

When marketers aren’t prepared to dedicate people and budget to those smaller platforms then all they end up doing is feeding the companies they constantly complain about.

I get that video doesn’t complain or do any number of other human things, but you’re with a man, not a video facsimile of one.