Complains [verb]

Definition of Complains:

grumble about

Synonyms of Complains:

Opposite/Antonyms of Complains:

Sentence/Example of Complains:

But, I mean, I’m part of a Facebook group for my class, and a lot of Wesleyan upperclassmen have been complaining about kids, like freshmen, going around asking for parties.

As the city takes steps to repeal a 102-year-old law banning seditious language, new details about how police wielded the law paint a picture of random harassment and punishment for those who complained.

Developers complain that titles waiting for App Store review sometimes take weeks to be cleared.

It is pure metaphysics, he complains, that has lost contact with empirical reality.

The venerable Bill Thurston was known to complain about the perversity which, by the end of his career, had produced Thurston’s theorem, which says that Thurston maps are Thurston-equivalent to polynomials, unless they have Thurston obstructions.

I don’t find it too hot, even on the warmest of NYC summer nights, and it’s not too heavy that I have a hard time sneaking a leg out for some air, as reviewers complained about with other weighted blankets.

I know that my platform is a privilege, so I don’t want to complain about it, but it also came from a lot of hard work.

After all, if Norma Desmond were around in 2020, she would surely complain that the pictures had gotten even smaller.

People look forward to getting that extra hour of sleep in the fall, and they complain about losing an hour in the spring, even though they gain an extra hour of sunlight.

Only in the pursuit of agriculture can the black man not complain that he is discriminated against on account of his color.