Complaints [noun]

Definition of Complaints:

statement of disagreement, discontent

Synonyms of Complaints:

Opposite/Antonyms of Complaints:

Sentence/Example of Complaints:

The complaints increased in number and intensity and Members of Parliament and newspaper writers joined in the jeremiad.

Not many complaints are made now, for delays and disappointments are things of the past.

Then complaints came of want of steam, and we had to send a man down to see what was wrong.

In their view, if only this were accomplished blessings innumerable would ensue and all complaints would for ever cease.

Loud public complaints arose; the patience of the Board of Works exhausted itself, and a climax was reached.

Evelyn's house was left in such a state that the Treasury quieted his complaints with a considerable sum of money.

Such complaints as these were not likely to call forth the sympathy of the Whig malecontents.

The loud and crying complaints of the worthlessness of this class are but too justly founded.

Charges of unlawful carnal knowledge or indecent assault arise, for the most part, from complaints made by females.

From all sides one hears complaints of hunger and thirst, mingled with comments on present or past performances.