Complementary [adjective]

Definition of Complementary:

filling, completing

Synonyms of Complementary:

Opposite/Antonyms of Complementary:

Sentence/Example of Complementary:

Previous studies of endosymbiosis have shown that there can be complementary gene losses between hosts and endosymbionts, creating a metabolic interdependence.

The algorithms behind social media giants are designed to funnel viewers through a vortex of complementary interests — basically, to keep feeding them content they like in order to maintain interest and engagement.

In an increasingly complex and interdependent world, much more can be accomplished by working with partners who have different, yet complementary, skills.

Grocery advertisers should adopt an “always-on” strategy by cross-promoting products on both similar and complementary keywords.

To Eric von Hippel’s point about the complementary relationship between home innovators and firms, Dana Lewis and her co-inventors have licensed their algorithm to healthcare companies to use in their devices.

He placed it in prominence, instinctively or designedly, rejecting the merely complementary parts.

This has occurred with regard to agricultural investments, which have awaited a complementary organic legislation.

Every color makes objects near it take on the antagonistic or complementary color.

Each one of a pair enhances the effect of its complementary when the two colors are brought close together.

If colored disks not complementary are mixed by rotation on a motor, they produce an intermediate color.