Complementing [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Complementing:

The Heat executive also emphasized that the screenings are a complement to all the other steps being taken to keep guests and employees from catching the virus, should it make its way into the arena.

He said the band’s usual 80-member inauguration complement will be fewer than 60 this year.

The deal may also prove that some of Alexion’s R&D around the complement system will dovetail with AstraZeneca’s heavy investment into a class of immunotherapy cancer treatments known as PARP inhibitors.

This cornbread dressing is not only delicious with turkey, but is a tasty complement to a holiday ham.

“Digital wallets are a natural complement to all forms of digital currency,” said Schulman, adding that PayPal is in close talks with central banks and regulators to explore new uses for these wallets.

Sonification can make cosmic wonders more accessible to people with blindness or visual impairments, and complement images for sighted learners.

I had now that rare complementing pair, a legend and its historical foundation.

This theory seems true enough when we remember that mankind has three languages, each complementing the other.

Complementing the work of these men and women was the opinion of the American serviceman himself.

Corruption, theft and graft were tolerated by the state as means of complementing income.