Complements [noun]

Definition of Complements:

companion, counterpart

Synonyms of Complements:

Opposite/Antonyms of Complements:

Sentence/Example of Complements:

In the Anti-Corn Law movement the two speakers were the complements and correlatives of each other.

The Bancrofts—they married shortly after the opening of the theatre—were the complements of each other.

They were six in number, and each rate consisted of two classes, to which different complements of men were assigned.

From what I know about ships and their complements we must have had at least the captain's cabin, or pretty close to its mate.

The so-called primary pigments or paints are simply the complements of the three primary colors.

Hee visited many Princes by the way, and consumed much time in entertainments and other complements of Court.

With her woman she complements my man and makes us one, and this is the highest civilised sense of union.

Thus the two great poems of Homer join together and show themselves as complements of each other.

As all opposites, however, are embraced in the circumference of the same circle, so are these works complements of each other.

The autobiographies of Gibbon and Franklin are complements of each other.