Completely [adverb]

Definition of Completely:


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Sentence/Example of Completely:

In that sense, the album’s auditory shift toward total pop feels like a completely necessary response to a very difficult year — and indeed, it’s intended to be.

The team's third point guard, Sheppard said, must be equally as capable for those nights Wall rests completely.

It can keep for up to six months in the freezer if completely covered in a layer of fat.

Yet given that the show’s mantra has always been “family don’t end with blood,” and that Sam and Dean’s “family” has always included Castiel, it’s a sad thing to see actor Misha Collins left completely out of the final episode.

If it’s a matter of your being wiped out one evening and just wanting to stream movies in bed, then I’d share your frustration completely at being treated as a hostile force for this simple indulgence.

So not quite willing to give up the schedule completely — baby steps — I relaxed some of the rules and allowed her to have more input in the curriculum.

Losing Thompson for a meaningful period of time would completely shift the focus for the Warriors two days before free agency is set to open and less than two weeks before training camp.

When two completely different roads lead you to exactly the same destination, that’s a good sign.

Some controller features, like haptic and adaptive trigger effects, can be disabled completely if it they are an unwanted element for a player’s experience.

By the time Abbott got its authorization in August, it was “a completely different ballgame.”