Completes [verb]

Definition of Completes:

carry out action

Opposite/Antonyms of Completes:

Sentence/Example of Completes:

Liszt, from whose book some of the above details are derived, completes his portrayal of Chopin by some characteristic touches.

This, as it is carried from hole to hole, completes the circuit of a full month.

A topographical work, with the somewhat misleading title Mappa mundi, completes the list of his more important writings.

The earth receives light from the sun, and completes its course through the heavens once a year.

In this fine passage St. Paul completes, as far as it lay upon his side to do so, his reconciliation with the Corinthians.

The insertion of a shell or bone, cut into the shape of teeth, completes the adornment.

This completes the picture; the enemy have now only one bridge over the Glendarule not swept by our artillery.

And you have also the last document that you received from Louis Lacombe—the one that completes the plans of the sub-marine?

From each end of the scrolls a chain of pearls completes the outlines of the oval.

The warrior initiates, whereas the legislator completes the organization of society.