Complexes [noun]

Definition of Complexes:

composite, aggregate

Synonyms of Complexes:

Opposite/Antonyms of Complexes:

Sentence/Example of Complexes:

Six different complexes (groups) of subspecies of D. ordii have probably arisen as a result of geographical separation.

The species Dipodomys ordii is divisible into six complexes, or groups, of subspecies on both geographic and morphological bases.

In the mythological assimilation-complexes that gave rise to gods, celestial phenomena furnished but a part of the elements.

Man is inclined, according to Stricker, to inhibit associations which are not implied in his funded complexes.

These studies, in turn, can disclose new information on biological complexes and mechanisms.

It sorted two life-complexes from all other impulses and followed its own prime-directive—hunt down and kill.

The specialised instinctive performances and their concomitant experience-complexes are at the outset more indefinite.

He must combine the elements of his past experiential complexes into a mental picture of future events as he would have them.

Chemistry and Physics only deal with them as exhibiting statistical complexes of the effects of their more intimate laws.

Now, Sid Hahn had never dabbled in this new stuff—you know—complexes and fixed ideas and images.