Complexioned [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Complexioned:

I was the dark complexioned man of the party, and as a “first-footer” in great request.

Carlson was a little above medium height, dark complexioned, his brow a washboard of horizontal wrinkles.

Nicholas Rubinstein was short and stoutly built; fair-complexioned, with curly hair.

Another fact of great interest was that the Moquis were lighter complexioned than Indians in general.

Mr. William Moody, boatbuilder, a liver-complexioned citizen, undertook to reply.

Everywhere fresh-complexioned, gentle-faced nuns flitted silently about.

He was a swarthy complexioned lad with a large ugly mouth and beady black eyes.

The much-traveled commercial passengers smiled indulgently, two ladies gave the dark-complexioned one a half sympathetic glance.

The dark-complexioned gentleman had rings of some kind in his ears and a yellow sash around his waist.

She shuddered as she recalled her sensations when she put her foot on the dark-complexioned gentleman.