Complexities [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Complexities:

Miss Thangue replied, impulsively, "I have often wondered if you numbered satiety among your complexities!"

Sitting there in the shadow of his silent house, he puzzled over these new complexities of feeling.

One was the Tree, or the representation of the divine emanations in their manifold and intricate complexities.

We turn around an idea, see the complexities; a decision with us is a mental process of elimination.

To understand it requires a knowledge of the complexities of our economic system which the voters simply have not got.

In spite of the financial complexities and the drain of the enterprises already in hand he did not fail to conceive others.

He was gay and hilarious presently, full of the humors and complexities of the game.

And, finally, the makers of America had no knowledge of the complexities of vote manipulation.

A mushroom leads one more directly to the essential life quality than do the complexities of the oak tree.

Which may have its complexities for Friedrich, hopes Broglio,—though perhaps its still greater for some other parties concerned!