Complexity [noun]

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However, this approach could only go so far, because the complexity of searching for the right matrices grows exponentially as the matrices get bigger.

With just two particles and free from the complexities of a nucleus, positronium is appealingly simple.

The complexity of our global economy and the gravity of the risks and inequities we face require business—and therefore business journalism—to be more progressive, inclusive, and interested in solving problems.

Don’t let the complexity of data analysis and analytics scare you into thinking that they’re too hard to understand and analyze.

Part of the complexity in enhancing memory is that the hippocampus isn’t just a single uniform structure.

There seems to be no limit to the complexity of behavior we can acquire from observational learning.

Given their complexity, though, this is only useful for problems so big that it would take a conventional computer a very long time to work through.

Despite these complexities, the synapse is where one neuron gets online and chats with another.

However, applying these collaborative ideas to clinical datasets has been difficult, in part due to the complexity and messiness of the data, as well as privacy concerns.

It also helps to consider the size and complexity of our food supply chain — which is, to put it mildly, very large and very complex.